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SPCalc is a special purpose two-dimensional finite element application used to calculate the factor of safety for the undrained load capacity of suction anchors in offshore geotechnical engineering projects. The calculation is based on robust numerical procedures and the FEM analysis is fully automated – a calculation run takes less than a minute. The computational results are automatically stored and always available online.

The soil, geometry and load data are easily input into the model using clear and intuitive input screens. The finite element model is generated automatically, and the calculation kernel solves for the undrained capacity of the anchor design using a non-linear, anisotropic soil model. 3D effects are approximated in the anchor capacity calculation. The output facilities provide visualization of the stress distributions on the anchor under load.

SPCalc is a user-friendly offshore geotechnical application offering a realistic calculation of the anchor designs factor of safety.

Watch a demo video on SPCalc.


XG Geotools SPCalc is offered in three different packages. All of them offer the same calculation facilities.

Each package has a unique one-off entrance fee, an amount of unique users, and a set of calculation runs. Once chosen for a certain package, additional bundles of calculation runs can be purchased.

In order to switch to a higher package, please contact the sales department for an upgrade offer. To switch to a lower package, simply subscribe to the desired package as a new user.

For more information contact us at sales@xg-geotools.com.

Basic Standard Advanced
Number of users 1 3 10
Initial package
Initial number of runs 10 25 50
Initial package price € 1500,00 € 3000,00 € 4500,00
Number of runs in Re-buy 25 100 200
Re-buy price (price per run) € 1000,00 (€ 40,00) € 3000,00 (€ 30,00) € 4000,00 (€ 20,00)
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